By Heilyn Gutierrez

It certainly has been a different year and feels like time stopped, but it’s been great to see how God has worked around this pandemic. Slowly we have learned to live with it, but most importantly we have learned to trust God and live as normal as possible. But, what is normal? Living our busy lives? Living like we got it all figured out and we do not need Jesus?

I’ve heard some people ask if we lack faith because we have prayed for the end of the pandemic and yet it has not finished. Not only do we lack faith but also understanding.

For if we do not truly look to God and reflect on what we’re doing and how to live during this time, then that is why the pandemic keeps on and is perhaps worse. We lose the focus of our lives.

It’s been great to see the people back to the churches being careful, doing what it takes to avoid the spread of the virus. Even though Nicaragua has not been severely affected like some other countries, we have still suffered the impact.

To those that allow it, God is shaping and molding each one of us to a deeper level where we depend more and more on Him.

We may be able to ministry as normal right now. But as we take every little chance to share the Gospel, we’re doing the ministry that He sends us to do. “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19).

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