Stories and Testimonials

The People that God is Using to Build His Kingdom in Nicaragua

Here are just a few stories and testimonies of the people that have become friends as well as brothers and sisters in Christ.


From Local Residents:

Julio, a village leader in Santa Isabel, Nicaragua – “People pass by on the road every day, but they don’t see us. I am thankful that God made people from Georgia able to see us and come and help us.”




God is using us to help improve the quality of life for many people in the poorest country in Latin America. Here’s just one example of Mario and his family – “Mario, a member of Faith Community Church Matagalpa, had been seeking a place to attend church and learn about Jesus. In the past, they visited churches and were left with a feeling of heaviness because of the hard preaching. Having attended our ESL course in January 2018, he began coming to the church. He and his family felt comfortable and were able to openly explore Jesus’ teaching. As he explored and understood more, he has become a believer in Christ and now participates in our discipleship course.”




From Ministry Volunteers:


“From the beginning of this experience, I was apprehensive about my own abilities to share my testimony as well as the Gospel in a public arena. But the spirit and example set by your staff members put me completely at ease by living out the love of Christ in the community. While the ultimate goal is to spread the Gospel, I had the overwhelming sense how your organization was meeting critical needs in the daily lives of the people of Nicaragua.” – John Gatlin


“From the moment we landed in Nicaragua and met the team, it was easy to see their passion for the people they were serving. I worked harder than I ever have but loved every single minute of it! God enabled us to build communal relationships and share His love through service. Seeing the gratitude and excitement on the residents’ faces once completing their bathhouse was amazing!” – Jake Spengler 


From OUR Pastors:


“We see many discipleship training opportunities where we can share the love of God and help meet the needs of each person. When our church meets to worship, we are excited for the great work that God has entrusted to us.” – Pastor Nelson


“We have three very important aspects as a priority at this moment–Discipleship, Evangelism, and Service (Worship). And we believe that this will help us to be a solid church committed to the Kingdom.” – Pastor Eli