God is continuing to open doors for the Faith Community Network. We are inching closure to have legal representation which will be a great relief for our pastors. We’re anticipating and are grateful for the outcome of this hard work.

In addition to the legal workings, God is leading us to other faithful men with a similar vision of reaching their cities with the gospel. Please be in prayer for us as we meet with these men and begin to pray together about how the Lord wants to bring us together to advance the Kingdom.

A Spring and Summer of Ministry

As we move through the Spring and Summer, we at Highlands Mission are working to restore the ministries of the Gospel that Christ has called us too. I am thankful for the wonderful men and women both in the U.S. and locally in the highlands of Nicaragua who walk beside me as we seek to serve our Risen Lord and savior. Praise be to God who leads us in His triumph.

We have a team from Celebration Church coming in June, and we are in discussions with several other teams for late 2023 and into 2024.  Pray with us as we seek to fulfill the great commission in the coming days.