By Pastor Ever Giovanny Mejia O.

In this time that has elapsed from April 2020 to this April 2021, we can count on some experiences lived as a church:

1) In this time of pandemic, the church tried to maintain our faith and service, although we were not our best because we weren’t prepared to know how to act in a crisis. But we survived and served in the amount that was within our reach.

2) We learned in this time to value more our family relationships and our relationship with God. Unity and vigilance were maintained for the well-being of each loved one. It was also a challenge yet possible to strengthen our devotional time at home, but today we see the positive result as we contemplate a better relationship with God and his family.

3) During this year, it was the challenge of learning how to transmit our faith in Christ and how to serve in times of crisis even with the risk of contagion of the virus. Thanks to God and the ministry of HMC, we were able to bring food to many families in the city as well as in the field of gospel communities.

4) Today after a year, Faith Community Church Jinotega has learned to remain firm in its faith and has also understood the need to preach the gospel to all people in all places. Also as a church today, we can see who has really been approved as true children of God and as members of this church showing commitment, dedication, and encouragement to continue with the mission of God.

5) Today after a year, the church can say that God is faithful and his mercy is eternal and that He knows how to take care of His children. We’re clear about the need to obey the command that the Lord has left us to go and preach the gospel today. The church can know that in times of crisis is when we will most see the action of God in his people. In times of crisis, the church throughout the history of existence must stand firm and not keep silent to announce the message of hope and salvation.

6) This time taught us that as a church, we must be prepared to be able to fulfill the mission and as a shepherd to be able to feed the sheep of his flock.

We thank the Lord that he has been good to us and that he has kept us and taught us to depend more on him. And we thank the Highlands Mission family and His watch over our well-being. Below are some pictures of Pastor Dan Brother’s visit to Faith Community Church Jinotega as well as one of our youth outreach event – 

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