Pastor Evers at Faith Community Church Esteli shares his exciting ministry expansion in the highlands locations such as Los Prendedisos, Santa Isabel, Rangi Largo, and La Naranja –

“Grace, mercy and peace, from God the Father and Jesus Christ Our Lord. Be with you. I thank God for the opportunity it offers me to serve and be part of the Highlands Mission Cooperative ministry.

Since I started this new missionary work, it’s been a challenge as I adapt to this new role and plant a new network of churches in the city of Estelí and communities in the municipalities of Yali, Jinotega and Estelí.

We work with families from three communities. Yali, Rancho Largo Yali and Santa Isabel Estelí where we share biblical stories so that they know who God is and His plan of salvation for everyone. The ultimate goal is for them to establish a personal and genuine relationship with God and learn to live in a community of Christian faith.

In the last 6 months, God has been gracious in allowing us to achieve the following:

  • Establishing relationships with four families who are part of the Bible studies. They are more motivated to know more about Jesus.
  • Obtaining a house to live as well as use for Bible study meetings and church planting.
  • Working with the baseball team with Este Estelí where time for biblical reflection, counseling and prayer has been shared.
  • Discipling Nolan Cruz who is one of our ministry team members.
  • Leading Christian orientation classes, and counseling to students, parents and teachers of the Denis Cáceres Olivas Institute in Condega, Estelí.
  • Biblical teaching, counseling and prayer to three families in Condega, Estelí.

Future Goals  

We have ambitious for the future, and with God’s help we’re making ground for the Kingdom. In August 2019, I will hold a meeting with all the families connected with the church, and it will be held once a month. We’ll also be discipling and training four siblings for leadership positions while establishing a new communal house in the Yali uplands. I’ll also be working on my personal development with the help of a mentor to become a better pastor and servant in the ministry.

Would you Pray?

Here’s our prayer requests as we live and work daily in the Esteli region. Would you agree with us in prayer?  

  • May God provide staff to join this missionary church planting project.
  • May God keep me firm, whole and constant in my personal life and ministry in order to be a living testimony.
  • May God lead to the conviction of a genuine conversion in each family that receives the message of Jesus.



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