Our Highlands Mission Administrator, Heilym, shares this heartfelt update below on her recent work –

“A couple of months ago, God put on my heart to start a women’s group in which we share the Word of God and grow spiritually together. At first, it seemed difficult; but after some conversations with Dan and asking for God’s direction, we began to meet with several of the ladies that had already visited the church.

Two of them have little knowledge of the Bible, and one of them is Lilly. We became friends last year and have enjoyed our times together, so I invited her to the meeting. She shared with me the changes that she has noticed in her life—how she has learned to read the Bible and is growing spiritually. We’re praying that she will give her life to Jesus very soon.

Another lady named Ruth has been coming to our meetings, and she has grown so much in her spiritual life despite her personal challenges. It’s been wonderful to see what God can do even in difficult times.

Through this process, I’ve learned that we must be willing to let ourselves be used by Him and be intentional in our relationships. People need to hear about the love God has for everyone, and we give all the glory to God for these relationships and the progress that is being made.”

Growing Closer as a Staff

God has been working in the lives of our Staff. Recently, we came together and decided to choose someone in our life circle to serve through an act of kindness. Each of us would make a donation, Highlands Mission would donate, and the money would be divided evenly to be used for the person of our choosing.

Each of us then took our gift to a family and prayed with them. God used this opportunity to show us his mercy through service, and we’re excited to see God working in our community and in our lives.” HMC


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