Highlands Mission Cooperative is trying to provide calm and hope through our churches and leaders.

We have been supporting our church families with food and medical assistance as well as reaching out into the communities around our churches. Pastors Nelson and Evers along with our staff at HMC have been conveying the hope of Christ and the helping hands of the church throughout the past two months, and we will continue to assist as many as possible.

Everyone there is safe for now, and we pray God’s continued protection for them. Pastor Nelson and his wife Milena are expecting their third child in mid-June and are concerned about conditions at the local hospitals. We have been in contact with medical professional in the area, and they have not provided much hope. HMC is assisting the family in securing a room at a private clinic for the birth.

Pray for Nelson and Milena as they manage the emotions of the joy of new life and the fears of the infectious virus swirling around their city.  

Please consider a gift to Highlands Mission Cooperative as the work and ministry continues in the most remote regions of Nicaragua.