When we started Highlands Mission Cooperative, we wanted to partner with other ministries. From something as simple as being a conduit for funding, to bringing ministries under our charter with the government that allows for them to receive support, another positive from the pandemic is that God is opening doors for us to work with other ministries.

In the past month, we’ve had two such opportunities. New Jerusalem Ministries is building restroom facilities at their location in Los Robles where they have the Hope Center. They focus on working with low resource children, feeding them, helping with tutoring and sharing the gospel message. HMC is partnering with them in a 3-to-1 matching funds arrangement to fund bath house construction. Along with the matching funds, HMC will be providing the workers to construct the restroom facilities.

In another opportunity HMC has been approached by the Orphan Network to see if we would like to start a feeding program in Jinotega or outlying communities. They offered to supply the soy and rice for the program if HMS would support it. We’ve been in contact with a couple of communities about this opportunity.

Be in prayer for Yadiel and Stephanie.  We have been trying to get them to Nicaragua but so far, we have been on hold due to Covid travel restrictions.  We know that in God’s timing all things will come together.