Mission Update
The month of January has been and is going to continue to be a very busy time. Celebration Medical team concluded their week of ministry and is safely home.  A collection of men from Celebration and Hibernia are here in Jinotega this week to build and install Bio-sand filters. We will be wrapping up the month with an ESL language course. We are excited to see all that God will accomplish this month and how our lives will be changed.


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God is at work!
The Medical Team is safely home and though I am not a numbers guy they do tell a story of all that God accomplished last week.
From Chrissy one of our team members:

“It’s fun (for me) to crunch numbers and then stand in awe of the Almighty who invites me & great friends to be “hands and feet.”  Amazing what God can do with a dozen or so sets of human hands!  To God be the glory.”


Maleconsito Monday





Maleconsito Tuesday





La Rica Wednesday

medical 128




La Rica Thursday



dental-30 something


Los Braziles Friday



dental-27 (hand scaled)

drum roll please…





In addition to these, on Saturday Dr. Rios, Rod, Eliud, and Paul ( the local Peace Corp worker) went just North of Pantasma to an isolated village and served an additional 80 patients and dispensed approximately 150 RXs.


Final totals for the week: 847 medical patients,  2498 rx, and 119 dental cleanings


To God be the glory.



This week we will be making and installing bio-sand filters at Los Loma Del Nance.  Pray for us as we will be working with local leadership to establish a new gospel presence in the community.  In two earlier of trips into the community we have found a desire to have a place to gather and worship and study the bible.  God has identified a man of peace who is willing to lead this group. Keep Marciel in your prayers as he leads this new work.

Coming events  Please pray for us as we minister in the coming days!

January 19 – 26 – Hibernia Baptist Church will be hosting an ESL language school in Jinotega.  This will be their second time teaching the ESL course, and we are excited to have many new and returning teachers joining together to share the love of Christ through the English language.


March 11-18 The Tennessee Three:  a group of three churches working together to be on mission in Nicaragua.



Give generously so that others may know Him

While Rod and I were out in the market today buying materials for our water project in Los Lama, we had the opportunity to invite some of the sales staff to our language school next week.  Anna, one of the clerks at one supply house, then began to invite all the customers who came in to come to our language school.  The opportunity is now! The people of this city are hungry for the gospel. We need your help.  Help us make a Highlands House a reality.  Did you know that if a family of 4 decided to give up going out to eat one time a week and gave just $20.00 of what they would have spent going out to eat to missions, that family would give over a 1000.00 in a year to missions. Give generously so that others may know him.