by Dan Brothers

I have said it many times over the past several months that God is moving, and He is putting things in place. Regardless of any circumstances here at home or in Nicaragua, He is taking away and bringing in new as He prepares the way for an amazing movement of the gospel. Below are a couple of exciting updates about our recent trips—please check them out.

I know times are difficult for everyone, but we ask you to continue to financially support the work of Highlands Mission as you can do so. Thankfully, the work is continuing with your local leaders even as we are restricted to home. We have also been blessed in the past week by several gifts that were unexpected and certainly needed during these days.

Highlands House Ministry Center:

Our friends form Village of Faith Baptist Church came in late February to help us finish the last three bedrooms at Highlands House. They completed their work just in time for us to host two mission teams just two weeks later!

Village of Faith has been a faithful partner to spread the gospel of love and service, and their teams have been instrumental in seeing Highland House come together. Thank God for their continued support!

Medical Clinics: 

As it often does, the medical clinic mission allows us to reach into the communities and touch many lives who are being under-served by both the local church and the local government. We ministered to many families struggling to make it day-to-day and many with chronic health issues. Others were in good health but took the opportunity to come and see the doctor. During these visits we take the time to minister to the families, to pray for them and to offer encouragement. Often times, the best medicine is a listening ear and a smile.

Dan had the privilege to be a taxi driver for a couple of days and ferried three sisters, all over 80 years old, to the doctor. What a unique gathering of ladies! The family had been living on their farm for over 140 years, and what a testament to God’s faithfulness.

God used this group to touch many lives with the hope of the gospel, and we pray for them. We are so grateful for the medical clinic team made up of groups of servants from Buford GA, Savannah GA, Daytona FL, and Fleming Island, FL.