Bringing Hope Through Multiple Outreach Ministries

Fundraising is a natural part of our outreach ministries. As new opportunities come up for new outreach, we seek to follow the Lord’s guidance and provision.

Here are some of the outreach ministries and needs this year: 

  • Funding to Support Our Churches

$800 per month for rent, utilities and pastor’s salaries x2

  • Support for a Village Missionary in Los Prendedisos

$700 per month for salary and transportation

  • Contruction for the Hope Center in Los Prendedisos

$40,000 to build a community center that will also house a new school, a church and
adult education center

Why is the Hope Center so important to our ministry strategy? Because 1,500+ people
are within an hour walk of the Hope Center location. It will serve as a hub for ministry
throughout the region.

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