Bringing Hope Through Multiple Outreach Ministries

Fundraising is a natural part of our outreach ministries. As new opportunities come up for new outreach, we seek to follow the Lord’s guidance and provision.

Here are some of the outreach ministries and needs this year: 

  • 40,000.00 to develop a new Community Center in
    Los Prendedisos (including School, Church, Community
    Events, and Medical Clinics).
  • $15,000.00 to launch the church in Esteli (includes
    salaries, rent/utilities, expenses and equipment).
  • $8,300.00 for a new Gospel Community Coordinator
    for Mira Flor.
  • $9,000.00 for a Feeding Program in Matagalpa
    administered through the church in the 3M Community.
  • $36,000.00 to fund and maintain our existing churches
    and ministries.
  • $8,500.00 in improvements to the school in Denise
    Ceasares Institue in Condega.


Download a copy of the 2019-2020 Impact Report to learn more.


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