All of our teams are sfely back home in the US.  We enjoyed an awesome three weeks of ministry with the people of Jinotega, Los Loma del Nance, Maleconsito, La Rica and Las Braziles.

We had a wonderful time during our ESL language school the last week in Jinotega.  God in His mercy watched over us, providing just what we needed.  We had an awesome group of teachers form Hibernia Baptist Church in Fleming Island, Florida who did a fantastic job connecting with their students and sharing Christ through the English language. Though our school was smaller than we had hoped the time together with our students was very sweet.  Our role this past week was one of encouraging the larger body of Christ and being encouraged by them.



Some of our older children came to the children’s program in the morning and them remained for the teen program in the early afternoon.  It was just an amazing experience to watch as our adults hung out with and developed relationships with these young people.  The genuineness and graciousness of their response to us was overwhelming.  As we moved through our week lives were moved as we shared the hope that is found only in Christ Jesus.  On Friday, I was taken back as in each assembly children, teens, and adults when Pastor Higinio began to share the gospel how each group settled and gave him their attention.  The gospel was proclaimed and the message was received!

Join us as we continue to pray as the Holy Spirt works in the lives of those who have heard the gospel.  Lift up the evangelistic team from Shalom Baptist Church as they follow up with these students.  We look forward to seeing many familar faces upon our return next year, eager to learn more about Jesus Christ and continue in their English studies


Pray for our ministry partners from Hibernia as they return to their home church as ambassadors of what God is doing in Jinotega.  Pray that the Spirit will give them the words to say as they report on the work that has been done and as they recruit others to join in the work God has lead them to in Jinotega.