Earlier in the year, we had reported that a new congregation was a possibility. Pastor Nelson had been alerted by another pastor to a family’s prayer need that lived on the Masaya/Granada Hwy. Not able to minister to the family, he asked if Pastor Nelson would help.

He met with the family, offered prayer, and continued to check on them each week. As a result, several families began to meet weekly for Bible study and prayer. So, Pastor Nelson and the HMC staff began to pray about the possibility of a new congregation because of the hardship for some families to travel to Faith Community Church Masaya. One of the ladies in the new group-owned property on the Road to Granada and was willing to allow a new church to meet there. In March, we began the process to secure the property and to build a shelter and a restroom.

On July 4th, MaryBeth and I had the pleasure to be on hand for the inaugural meeting of “The Church on the Road to Granada.” We had a great time with approximately 50 persons in attendance. God is blessing Pastor Nelson in his efforts to share the good news in the Masaya/Granada area. During their regular meeting with them recently, we had 20 to 25 people come together to worship and learn about the message of Jesus.

Continue to pray for these humble people that they will be a beacon of light in their community. My hope and plan is to have an evangelistic team come to the Nicaragua in the spring of 2021 to help with the work in Granada and Masaya.

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