Thursday January 10, 2013

We had a great day on Wednesday serving the wonderful people of LaRica.  The road is long but the smiles are plentiful.  The church in La Rica had done a terrific job setting up the clinic for us.  We were able to serve over 120 members of the community.  We are looking forward to another great day in La Rica today.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January 8, 2013

Celebration Medical Team arrived on Saturday ready to get to work.  Sunday was spent prepping medicines, printing label, and sorting out supplies for each of our 5 days.  Sunday night we went over to Matagalpa and worshiped with Primera Baptist Church and Pastor Javier, one of our ministry partners.  We had a moving time of worship followed by a challenging message to be committed to serving God where ever he leads.  Sunday was Primera’s annual commitment service for the years ministry plan.  They currently have three new mission churches they are sponsoring and equipping for ministry.

Monday morning we left at 5:00 am on a 3 hour drive to Maleconsito close to the Honduran border.  Arriving around 8:30 am, we immediately set up the clinic and went to work.  By days end we had seen 157 patients, filled 500 prescriptions and cleaned 21 sets of teeth.
Spending the night out away from the house is always an adventure.  Monday night was much better than out last experience.  One of the church leaders opened his home to us for the evening.  He and his family were very gracious hosts as they served us through the gift of hospitality.

It rained most of the evening  creating an adventurous drive back to clinic site.  Once safely back at the church our team saw 205 patients, fill 516 prescriptions and cleaned another 18 set of teeth.  We are continually amazed at how God uses us for Kingdom impact.  We see more and more that with God anything is possible.

Continue to pray for us as we will be serving the people of La Rica on Wednesday and Thursday.

“From of old no one has heard or perceived by the ear, no eye has seen a God besides you, who acts for those who wait on him.”  Isaiah 64:4

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Las Loma Del Nance

September 25
I am so blessed to be able to spent time talking with men and women who long to see God change their lives and their communities.  God is active among His creation drawing men and women to Himself.  Yesterday Joe, Josue, Heilyn, and I went to Las Loma Del Nance.
Las Loma del Nance is a community that sits on a plateau above the river below the hydro electric plant outside Jinotega.  To get there you go down into the valley, cross the river, and head back up the mountain on the other side.  Las Loma is a quiet farming community of approximately 250 people.
There we met with Marciel.  Marciel is a community leader who we meet last January during our medical clinic.  In January Marciel shared with us his desire to see God change his community.  The closest church to him is an hour walk down hill which becomes a two hour walk home.  Since January, he has been hosting a bible study group in his home two or three weeks a month.   Marciel is not a trained pastor or teacher, he is just a passionate believer with a burdened for his community.  We are going to be working together to establish a new faith community and to meet the physical need of clean water.  During the months of March and April the community is often without water and the rest of the year they receive clean drinking water every 8 days for two hours only, which they store in open barrels until the next 8 day cycle comes around.  Pray for us as we work together to find the best solution for  reliable access to clean drinking water.
                                                                              Dan, Josue, Marciel, and Heilyn