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constructionIn the rural mountain communities, it is often necessary to create infrastructure to meet the basic needs of the people. As a means to bring the love of Christ to these people, HMC is actively involved in various construction projects. Part of our vision for the area of Mira Flor is to build community centers in the 4 or 5 areas of largest population concentrations. By doing this, we hope to build a new “front porch” in these rural communities. Serving as a place to gather for community functions, these facilities will house exam-type space for use by medical teams that come to serve in the outlying areas.  We also hope to make the facilities available for use by the local ministry of health doctors, as well as maintaining small pharmacies at these locations, so that medicines are more easily available to the community. Serving not only as a meeting place, educational center and medical clinic, our ultimate hope is for each center to house local communities of faith where the gospel is shared and disciples are made.

An integral part of creating infrastructure is providing access to clean water. Water projects take on many forms.  From water well drilling to pipe line construction, purification both at the community level and at the individual home, HMC seeks to extend the gospel of Christ through providing assistance to local communities in need of clean water. By supplying access to clean, parasite-free drinking water coupled with good nutrition, we facilitate dramatic change and hope for a better future. Just as the living water that Jesus offered the woman at the well in John 4 is essential to living the abundant life He offers, clean drinking water is essential to a vibrant physical life.