News from Nica.

The Tennessee Three (Riverdale Baptist, Crossroads Community Church, Encounter life Church)have arrived in Jinotega.  Newly renamed Circ de Mission.   Their group this week is representing 10 different  churches as they partner together to impact the Kingdom.  Working with Heart for Honduras, who has 10 churches from their association in Nicaragua, the group is doing school ministry, children’s ministry, evangelism, and nightly meetings.  We have 12 team members here in Jinotega and eight team member went south to Rivas.

Be in prayer for them as they share their faith this week.

After a 7 hour delay in Miami due to a bird strike on their aircraft, they finally arrived.  With a night of sleep to refresh, they began their ministry.  They are excited about all that God has in store for them this week.  It has been motivating to hear their stories of how God is already changing their world view to one of a more outward focus.   Pray for them as God continues to unfold His plan for them not just for this week of ministry, but as they return home as well.

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